Sympathy Flowers

When customers ask me if my funeral work is nice I always explain that funeral work is my favourite work to do because it is somebody’s final gift to somebody & it has to be just right.

Megan Barker, Aangela’s Florist

There will be no other gift given to this loved one in this life.

In regards to sending flowers at a time of grieving, that is sympathy flowers, some people think that it is nice to send flowers after all the others may have wilted to freshen up the house, as it were, with more nice memories.

Once a certain amount of time has passed we recommend you do not send flowers but send a card.  Really, in my experience, the person who is mourning has had enough flowers.  They want the flowers to go and then they want to continue with their life in my experience.  Often more & more flowers just continuously remind them of their loss & their pain as they were so plentiful during the most intense time of grieving.

“Once it has been a couple of weeks…  the giving of flowers need to end…”

You can send bowls of fruit, a basket or send a card instead.  That is still thoughtful & food is practical.  Kind thoughts are always beautiful to receive & a healing balm when you know people love & care.

Funeral Tributes

Megan always asks of funeral tributes, “Is it a burial or a cremation?”

Flowers that are tributes go straight in the garbage bin.  That is the fact of it.  They have no home to go to, no one to claim them.  They have no place after the ceremony.

If gifting flowers for a cemetery or a burial they will have a home, whether they are placed at a grave or taken by people because they are comfortable taking bouquets & bunches home.

Choose sensibly & with grace when you choose the floral arrangements you buy at a time of sadness for funeral tributes & sympathy flower gifts.

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